Trade Terms Selector Port of destination Incoterms 2010 Transfer of risk Incoterm 2010
Incoterms® 2010 rules. CPT
Transport mode CPT Incoterms 2010
Packing Seller
Checking Marking and Labelling Seller
Export customs clearence Seller
Loading into the first carrier Seller
Lashing securing container Seller
Transport to the port of departure Seller
FOB charges Seller
Freight charges Seller
Unloading at port of destination Buyer
THC charges destination Buyer
Customs clearence for import Buyer
Freight charges to delivery point Buyer
Insurance *) Buyer
Taxes and duties Buyer
Unloading destination Buyer
Risk for BuyerRisk for Buyer Risk for Seller Risk for Seller
Cost for BuyerCost for Buyer Cost for Seller Cost for Seller
*) Protect your own interest!